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During //Build a few weeks ago, we announced "Azure Managed Application".


Azure Managed Applications provides an ecosystem that enables vendors to make a PaaS or SaaS services available as self-contained applications. Customers deploy managed applications in their subscriptions, but vendors can manage them. It enables vendors to bill customers using Azure's billing system, use templates to manage the lifecycle of deployed applications. On the other side, it allows customers to automatically acquire updates, and pay for support and maintenance. They do not have to maintain or update the application themselves or diagnose and fix issues when the application fails.


The building blocks for an Azure Managed Application consist of:

  • applianceMainTemplate.json

This is the Resource Manager template, which will provision the apps and underlying Azure resources into a managed resource group

  • mainTemplate.json

This is the template the consumer will deploy (to deploy the managed app), which will be mapped towards the applianceMainTemplate.json

  • applianceCreateUiDefinition.json

This is the UI definition the consumer will interact with in the Azure portal, when deploying the managed app.


We have a few samples published to github already - and we would love your feedback :)



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@Kristian Nese 


Thanks for sharing samples managed application on git hub. 

I need your help to get the managed applications json templates (maintemplate.json & CreateUIdefintion.json) for following services ACR, AKS cluster, Subnet/VNET, CosmosDB, KeyVault.
My email id:-
Please help.