Azure Data Box and Azure Data Box Gateway

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I have a few questions regarding Azure data box.

My scenario:
I am looking at potentially using this to shift a lot of fileserver data to Azure storage, and from there, using the SPMT to import to Teams / SharePoint

1. Has anyone had any hands on experience of this, best practice, lessons learnt they could share please?


2. Regarding deltas / incremental changes, if the final destination of the data is SharePoint/Teams instead of Azure Files, once data is copied to azure data box, data will be constantly changing at source on the filesevrer, so once Azure data box has been shipped, and you have copied across from Azure into SP/Teams, you would then need to use another tool to check deltas between fileserver source and SP/Teams destination.
If there has been a lot of re-organisation at the filesystem source or just general updates, once the azure databox has shippied, I can see this becoming a nightmare to keep everything in sync i.e. especially if you have split this data out into say 20+ Teams / SP sites.
Azure Databox Gateway, can help with the delta / changes however if the destination of the data is Teams / SharePoint Online , is it fair to say Azure Databox Gateway is not useful as Azure Gateway will only keep the data in sync between your file servers and Azure Storage. So really this azure databox gateway is only of use if you are “Archiving static data" or not using SP/Teams and just using Azure Files/ fileserver presenting a mapped drive”? Opinions?

3. In this Microsoft article it says “There is a risk of losing existing permissions on files when migrating the data to SharePoint Online” that’s a bit concerning and vague, i.e. it might work, it might not! What conditions would mean permissions are lost e.g. if it cannot find that user in SharePoint Online/ Azure AD? See




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