Azure Cognitive Services and Bot Framework Visio Stencils

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As I searched for a stencil set to create an infographic on Azure AI services (Cognitive Services & Bot Framework), I couldn't find anything. So I decided to create this Visio stencil set on my own. If you are interested, please visit 

Cognitive Services and Bot Framework Visio Stencils to download the shapes.

I would be glad if anyone of you could spread the word in order to see a lot of awesome AI infographics with the official icons in the future :)

If you have any questions or improvement suggestions please contact me so that I can include those suggestions in my next versions.

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@Stephan Bisser, do you happen to know if there are stencils for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint? I am not able to find any on the web for the new naming convention. Or any of the icons on the first picture of this link. Thanks!