Azure App Service SSL Problems

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I have a problem on my Azure App Service 'shamana-api-web' the SSL which I have providesdoes not function.
Indeed the site always takes the SSL'*'.
Here the site ''.
By knowing that it arrived this morning without any modifications.
I tried to remove the certificates then to give it.
I also made the same thing with the field.
I also tested the restarting of the instance.
Would a person be how to solve the problem?
Thank you in advance.

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Not sure i understand the issue. Website does have a valid SSL certificate for


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Yes indeed I succeeded in solving theproblem to remove of it my SSL Wildcard of otherWebSites and by putting SSL on IP at myWebSite of production. 

But it is neverthelessstrange which I would be obliged to do that. 

If aperson with the explanation of why how thatinterests me. 

Thank you in advance.