Azure app on iOS 17 not working

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Since iOS 17 the azure app only shows a blank page after logging in

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@Kidd_Ip not sure it’s related to intune but I’ll ask the team to look into it. My phone is not registered to the domain. 

Could you please give more context and details about app, is it Web app or mobile app?, what is deployment platform? etc
It is the Azure app on an iPhone 12 with iOS 17.0.3
When I open it I just see a blank screen. Even removed it and reinstalled.
For the record I asked the intune team and we are not using it for iOS or Mac devices.
Still not sure why the Azure app works on my iPads but not my phone.

@Michael2930 Did you ever get this resolved?  I have the same problem with my iPhone 13, iOS 17.1.2.



No it still does not work on my iPhone but does work on my iPad with the same 17.1.2 ios.