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Hi All,

I need some specific information regarding o365. I am happy to reply asap.

Historically, we have our AD Domain Name as

So Every user on our forest have FQN as i.e. (Paul Muddy) -username@domain

Our Emails would be in format

What we have done?

We just synced AD objects to Azure and we getting usernames like "".

is this because we have "" as a mail attribute on AD which we don't wish to change and also because we didn't list the email domain or AD domain as an Azure domain.

What do we want?

We want to use our Email as an email service that is not on-premise.

We want to use our AD FQN as O365 Login. i.e. ""

We want to use our email address for emails... ""

Do we have to add the AD Domain on Office 365?

What we need to do to get the Sync Working as we want, please exact details is ideal.

if We have to delete the export objects on Azure how do we go around that?

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@Adedolapo Oyekanmi - Have you done the "custom domain" portion in the O365 Admin Portal? You'll need to check with your domain provider for exact steps on how to add a .txt record to you DNS to verify that you own the domain name so it will be exposed for use in O365. Then you can modify the settings and make "" the default instead of "" so the users emails will then look like what you want. 


You might also have to modify the addresses of each existing users since this potentially was not completed before adding users.

@Adedolapo Oyekanmi 


Did you add the custom attributes to your on-premises AD?  Click on a user in AD, check attributes for proxyaddresses, make sure the capitalized "SMTP:" is the one you want to use as primary?