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Hi All,


I am struggling a little with a trail version of Azure, we are trying to utilize the cloud only option and eliminate an onsite AD. We have everything configured on azure (of what i can tell using documents from Microsoft) but no matter what i do i cannot get my Windows 10 machine to show when joined to the Azure domain. 


I have the VM configured with group policy and AD linked to AADDS, but when i join a computer to the domain it does not show under AADDC Computers, all my users are showing under the Users OU.


Any help with this would be very much appreciated, i wanted to log a support ticket with Microsoft for this but you have to purchase the support tickets even on a trail subscription.


Many Thanks,

Oliver Bethell.

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Have you seen this ?

Do you recieve any error messages, or how about the event log ?



The client device joins the domain but we cannot manage the device within AADDC, following this guide we configured the VM to manage GPO and organize Azure AD.