Availability zone


Some says single AZ has multiple DC and some says not true every time.

I need to deploy 3 VM running one application and want to make sure 2 at least run if one MS datacenter have issue.


Will single AZ work or need to distribute in separate AZ. Please advise.

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@Ashka123Yes, to have VMs in separate Azure datacentres within a region you need to use Availability Zones:


An Availability Zone has "one or more" datacentres- so in some cases you might by chance end up spread across different physical buildings within that Zone, but to guarantee different datacentres you need to use the Availability Zones.









As said in Microsoft documentation :

An Availability Zone is a physically separate zone, within an Azure region.

There are three Availability Zones per supported Azure region.

So you need to verify the Availability zones for the region in wich you deploy Azure resources .

Then you should select Availability options : Availability zone

And you'll be able to select the main zone 1 2 or 3 . You'll notice that you can choose only one in the same time but it's fine .In case of datacenter outage you should be OK since data are replicated to other datacenters .