Autopilot Profiles: Azure /Intune.

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In the Microsoft Partner Center Dashboard I am able to both create and configure Autopilot profiles and (once it’s working) register devices to apply those Autopilot profiles to.


In the Azure Intune Dashboard I am able to do the exact same functions as mentioned above in the Microsoft Partner Center by navigating:

  1. Open Azure
  2. Open InTune
  3. Click Device Enrollment
  4. Click Windows Enrollment
  5. In this GUI there are options for Windows Autopilot


The odd thing is that for the same customer I can configure Autopilot in two different places.  Additionally, if I create a profile in one location, it does not propagate to the other.  I can have two completely different profiles in each place.


How is it determined which is the profile that will be used for Autopilot if I have one in each place?  Is one being phased out?  Thanks for any information that you can provide.

Also, what would happen if we had a device from a completely different source than Ingram?  Like we inherited a client that already had PC’s, and we wanted to onboard them with the Azure/InTune stack?  Would we not be able to register those devices?  I don’t think Ingram would interested in taking requests for devices that they didn’t even sell.


Thank you.



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