Applications in Azure how connect to monitoring on-premise

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Dear All,

We are moving an application (database, new IP in azure) to Azure from on-premise which connects to monitoring server which than connects on-premise exchange 2019. When the database is down the monitoring software detects it and sends an email to exchange which in turn fires an email to apps owner.Can you guide how the application will be authonicating back for monitoring servers?

Any changes needed in Exchange on-premise server side?

Any changed needed on the database server?
Any changes needed on the monitoring server
Any change needed on the firewall side on both the ends?
Any changes needed in the application?

Please guide

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Hi @Azurebeginner-1,


I understood that you will migrate an Application to Azure but/and still want to Monitor it with OnPrem Resources, right?


So you will need have a connection in place for the OnPrem Monitoring to get the Data from the Azure Server. Seems like in this case a S2S VPN is needed?


But why don't you use the Azure Monitoring Tools and maybe forward the Events with a API?


Kind Regards, Peter 



Thanks for replying, client want to continue to use existing monitorning for some more time.


Can you advice what changes will be be needed on the on-premise firewall and router so that azur vm can be monitored by onpremise monitoring servers?

Hi @Azurebeginner-1,


I think as those Systems often work only with direct LAN Connection, you will need a VPN Connection or Express Route to Azure to use them in the Future.


Maybe also a Collector Server in The Cloud, that works as a "Satellite"/"Connector" in Azure and collects the Informations there to forward them afterwards to OnPrem might be working, but not every Monitoring Solution Vendor has a Solution like this in his portfolio.


i would realy strongly recommend to use the Azure Monitoring and Logging Solutions, as they offer much more then many OnPrem Solutions. And Azure can easily works the other way around and monitors also OnPrem.


Kind Regards, Peter