5 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure is the Best Choice for Building Your Career in Cloud Computing

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By adopting cloud technology, companies are now able to reduce costs, improve business agility, and enable streamlined data usage. As companies move their infrastructure to cloud space, the demand for IT professionals who specialize in cloud computing technology is also shooting up.


Which cloud technology will help you become a pro?


The most important concern for an IT aspirant who is looking to enter the cloud-computing field is to decide which technology to learn. There are several cloud technology vendors and technologies on the market, one of which is Microsoft Azure. Because it is one of the fastest growing cloud services, developing your cloud-computing career in this domain can be a wise decision.


5 reasons to choose Microsoft Azure for your cloud-computing career:


  • Open-Source platform
    Apart from the fact that Microsoft Azure can be easily integrated with existing Microsoft products, it also provides the platform to run several open-source technologies. The most famous is the Linux operating system, which dominates a large portion of the cloud-computing world. Cloud computing professionals can develop skills to create Linux-based solutions that leverage Azure platform capability by undergoing Microsoft – Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Boot Camp training, or online training.
  • Increasing numbers of companies are adopting the Microsoft Azure platform
    Most enterprises in the pre-cloud era worked on Microsoft technologies, so transitioning to cloud-based Microsoft technologies is a seamless affair for them. IT professionals who are getting certified in Microsoft Azure, having undergone related training like the MCSE: Cloud and Infrastructure course, can find tremendous job opportunities across enterprises.
  • Extended IT infrastructure
    There is no need to worry about choosing between cloud and datacenter, as Microsoft Azure easily integrates with the existing IT environment. It provides a secured hybrid database, data residency, storage solutions, and Azure Stack (Azure model of application development), resulting in extended IT infrastructure, reduced cost, and flexibility. Such scalable services are prompting organizations to move towards Microsoft Azure.
  • Uses existing tools
    With Azure, IT professionals gain access to multitudes of Microsoft products that have been in use for years, including Visual Studio, Windows, Linux, Active Directory, and a vast array of third-party tools. Also, the Azure SQL Server is based on the popular Microsoft SQL Server, which makes it easy for professionals to make the transition to the Azure platform.
  • Worldwide network of managed datacenters
    The fact that Microsoft-managed datacenters are available across 26 regions around the globe, provides ample opportunities to organizations and developers to build and run applications for a vast majority of the customer base.

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