WVD Session Host Stuck in Shutdown Status

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Hello all,


I am currently running a development environment in order to learn how to utilize the WVD environment for any future deployments and I'm running into an issue with connecting to a Gallery deployed Session Host. I've confirmed the Session Host's WVD Agent is able to access needed URLs, there aren't any errors in Event Log "Application" regarding the WVD Agent, but when checking the session host status in Powershell, I'm seeing the Session Host set to "Shutdown" status. I have already reinstalled the RDAgent and BootLoader Agents to re-add the session host to the pool with no success in a status change. I'm getting the below screenshot error when attempting to connect with Remote Desktop Desktop Client. 

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@Acrophat  Update, I have deleted all pools, associated Workspaces, Application Groups and VMs. Recreated everything from scratch and I'm still unable to connect to a direct assigned VM.

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I figured this out. I was not using an account that was synchronized to my domain. I was using a cloud-only account for testing.