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Is there any information available on when or how to access the WVD rest API? Microsoft Graph? I only see information about using PowerShell.


I found the web GUI portal that I can deploy while I wait for official release. I assume this is using some type of rest API. 

Link to GUI portal


Any information would be great!

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@techguy129 we are working on the documentation. We will come back when available. I have no ETA at this time for you. 



@Eva Seydl any news on endpoints for this documentation????

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@Jesper West: The documentation has been updated at GA. Go to In the menu on the left click Resources which guides you to our REST API documentation.

@Eva Seydl indeed, but you didn't include the endpoints of the rest api.. So where to connect?


GET https://localhost:9000/RdsManagement/V1/TenantGroups/{tenantGroupName}/Tenants/{tenantName}

I get 401 error. Any additional documentation about how to authenticate to use this API?


You need user a service principal to authenticate. You can use a flow to interact with the WVD API.

In audience field always use this url: https://mrs-prod.ame.gbl/mrs-RDInfra-prod and in the others fields, enter the information of your tenant id, client id and secret.



@JaviMora I've been trying to get past the 401 error for a year now. I'm not sure how its possible that this has worked for anyone.