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We manage several WVD deployments for several customers, and a few of them wants access to a "WVD Helpdesk portal" of some kind. They need rights to see users on host, log off users with problems and this kind of thing, but not see or interact with other resources in the portal. Anybody know if this is possible? 

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Hi @Mtollex70 


Yes this indeed possible! You should check out WVDAdmin - it does exactly what you need. You need to setup a Enterprise App to configure the required permissions to use it.  You can find more info about the tool here - https://blog.itprocloud.de/Windows-Virtual-Desktop-Admin/

Isnt the "users" tab in WVD portal helpful for the same?

@virtualmanc Yes, i know, thats a great tool and i am using it every day :) But this still requires setup, installation, config with keys etc for the users. I was wondering if there was a more "native" way of setting this up in the portal. But looks like WVDadmin is the way to go for now. 

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam yes, it is, but the users will also have access to everything else in the portal this way. I hoped it was a simple setup that limited the users to JUST the "WVD/Users" in the portal, without everything else that can be done, and with a link directly to this.