WVD Environment not picking up MSIX App Attach

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I have setup a MSIX app in our WVD environment.  But when I log in as the user that has access to the app it does not show up.


I created the MSIX with the MSIX packaging tool, used msixmgr to expand the app into a VHD file, successfully added this into the portal, and assigned a user to the application group.


I installed the certificate on the VM into the Trusted People store, and have confirmed that it is there.


Am I missing anything?



Sean Buckle

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We can start here https://github.com/stgeorgi/msixappattach/blob/master/Troubleshooting%20methedology%20v2.pdf. Also if you can send me the host pool name I can look in the telemtry
Hi Stefan,

I have gone through the file you sent and All the steps were followed. please find below the name of the Host Pool:


I know it says ResourceGroup, but it is the Host Pool name

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Have you given read access for the session hosts on the share were the MSIX packages are stored?
Hi Johan,

yes I have given both NTFS permissions and Share permissions on Azure.

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I have an update, I have once again successfully attached a new MSIX application to my WVD environment, I can see it in the Remote Desktop Client screen, but when opening from there it opens Windows Explorer rather than the application.

I still cannot see the application when logging onto the WVD environment.

Any ideas about this?

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We are having this exact same problem.
We were able to succesfully create, stage and register some apps.
Unfortunally when we want to start the application it opens Windows Explorer.

It would be nice if someone could tell us how to fix this.
Thanks in advance!
For that to happen it indicates that explorer was not able to find the MSIX application on the machine. Please check staging, registration, and app logs.

guys any update on this problem

i see explorer also opening up in my case

plz can someone help

Also running into the same issue.


Environment is Windows Server 2019. 
Installed MSIX dependency of WindowsAppRuntime 1.2


MSIX was freshly built from a sample .NET Maui application and then MSIXMGR to vhd/x type.


Issue occurs with both vhd and vhdx formats. Haven't gotten cim type to successfully attach in AVD Portal.


Same thing--app appears in the AVD console but on launch it just open file explorer.

@jatinkumar Another update


I used a different VM. This time Azure hosted Windows 11 and made a CIM out of the msix file.

Same result.


I wonder what we're missing...