WVD CAD bad performance

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Hello everybody,

I've installed a little WVD environment for a POC: Windows 10 Multisession 2004 on a Standard NV6 VM ; FSLogix profiles stored on a VM working as Files server. The client need is to have CAD workstations , so they installed Autocad 2021 on board and of course I've enabled GPU as explained on the Microsoft blogs and documentation.

Unfortunately with just a single session connected CAD performance are quite bad , particularly when saving, opening and printing, but also when drawing. Users laptops perform much better!!!!

I've also used Perfomance Monitor during a drawing session and I've noticed "frame quality" going down to 40% at times, and "input frames" much higher than "output frames". 

Is there any way to make it work better? I've hanven't tried the "Optimization tool" yet.

thanks to everybody for any help you can give me.


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Hey, can you tell us what you mean with enabled GPU? Did you update the driver? Is your fileserver running on standard or premium disks? Why not use Azure files Premium for the profiles? Are your vm's running on premium disks?

@Johan Vanneuville Thanks for your reply,

I've installed GPU drivers and enabled adapters and encoding via Policy as described by microsoft and tested they are correcly working. What do you mean by "Update Drivers" I've installed the drivers using azure platform.

All the disks in the POC are premium (both File Server for fslogix and CAD workstation). We did chose not to use Azure files because for a POC we tought was too expensive. Do you suggest to try that? Can fslogix be the culprit? Are there standards for a CAD environment?


thanks for your help


Hello @Johan Vanneuville ,


do you have any suggestions?



Hey @CherryReply, so you also enabled GPU rendering? Is the hostpool a single session or pooled hostpool? Sorry for the late reply.
No problem @Johan Vanneuville , Yes to both questions: GPU rendering enabled and tested with a benchmark software Unigine Heaven 4 (score 3841); and the hostpool is pooled.
thanks for your help.