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Hi all,


I'm looking to deploy a mixed environment of WVD including pooled and personal desktops. I'm unclear about the set up when creating a personal desktop as the majority of documentation is around pooled desktops. When selecting personal desktop there is then the following 3 options to configure

- The hostpool name 

- The default desktop users

- The Total Users


Further info

- I will create a custom image prior to deployment through the UI

- I will have ~ 10 users that require a personal desktop


My questions are as follows

- Should all the personal desktops be in the one host pool?

- Should I just have one deployment for all 10 users? i.e. Add in all the users to the default desktop users in the UI

- Should the Total users be set to 10?

- If I use a custom image, could this one image be used for all the personal desktops?



- Should it be a 1 to 1 deployment therefore create a UI deployment for each personal desktop required?

- If the above is the best practise should they all be in the same host pool?












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@HandA : Thanks for reaching out. Yes, understood, the documentation is a bit light on personal desktops and we're looking at improving that. In the meantime, to answer your questions...

- Yes, all of the personal desktops should be in a single host pool.

- Yes, you can certainly add all 10 users in the "Default Desktop Users". Or, you can add them later through PowerShell.

- Yes, you should set Total users to 10 so that it will create 10 VMs.

- Yes, when you get to the 3rd blade, you will see all of the different image sources. You can then select that image, whether it's from VHD or a managed image.


Hope that helps!



Thanks so much for the feedback Christian. Its a great help having the MS guys actively monitor the forums. One final question on personal desktops. If I create 10 desktops and have 10 users added at time of deployment. Are the personal desktops allocated to the users at a first come first served basis?



user1 logs in first so would get personaldesktop1

user2 logs in second so would get personaldesktop2

and so forth


And then from there on in the allocated desktop is 'persistent' to that user




At the moment, yes, they are only allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We are working on a feature for "pre-assigned" or "direct assignment" for the personal desktops, where you'll be able to specify that a specific VM will be assigned to a specific user.
Thanks Christian. Perfect - that's what I was hoping for :)

@Christian_Montoya I'm sorry that I have to dig this quite old post out. But there's one last question in my mind.

You said, that the default assignment to a user is based on a first-come-first-serve model. Since then, is the link between the user and the machine static? For example:

I have 5 users and 10 machines for now. All of them are personal desktops. My users log in one after another so:

User 1 gets VM 1

User 2 gets VM 2, and so on.


User 1 logs off, users 2 to 5 stay logged in. Will User 1 get VM 1 again on next log in or is it random which of the available VMs is getting assigned to the user?


Unfortunately I can't find any documentation about the behaviour. Meanwhile the documentation about dynamic/direct assignment for a personal desktop is available ( but misses this last little point imho.