Windows Virtual Desktop IP addresses - one per user

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I am evaluating WVD as a possible replacement for both existing Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and a non-Microsoft VDI solution. We have an application that requires each user session to have a unique IP address that can be linked to each individual user. This address is used for outbound traffic, and is monitored on the application server to track licensing. On the VDI this was relatively easy to implement, as we just give each VDI VM a static IP. On the RDS session hosts we configure IP virtualization to assign a different IP to each session. 


1. Can I do something similar on WVD to ensure that user sessions have unique IPs?

2. Can I still use IP virtualization when using a Windows 2016 multi-session host in WVD?

3. Will it work with multi-session Windows 10 hosts in WVD?

4. Is there a recommended way to automate assignment of static IPs to single-session (VDI) Windows 10 VMs?

For more info on IP virtualization in Windows Server RDS, see these links (old articles, but the technique still works): 

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Did you ever answer this? I'm in a similar situation with Windows 10 multi-user for a particular app and the old way of doing it on RDS doesn't appear to work - unless I'm missing something
I eventually logged a call with Microsoft who confirmed:
1. The virtual IP per user functionality has not been ported to WVD.
2. The only solution for a static, per user IP in WVD would be an individual, dedicated VM per user (i.e. not pooled mode). This is obviously a much more expensive option.

@Andre Keartland That's a shame, thanks for replying to let me know though!


Hi Andrew,


Wondering if you can help. I like you have tried RDS IP virtualization. I followed outdated guides and managed to have static IP's issued once you rdp on to our windows 2016 term server. But what i notice in testing is that i see multiply VIP's as more test users log on. if i issue the ipconfig /all i see the addresses as depreciated but i can still ping them.   Another thing which is strange when i connect from the terminal server doing ftp, file sharing or anything, the address being used is the server IP and not the VIP. I get that same result even if i rdp to the term server using the VIP.

So my question is did you get RDS working with IP virtualization or did you use another solution.

Regards Mark

Hi Mark,

My query was specifically around the WVD product. I have had IP virtualization working on 2008 R2 before, but I've never tried on 2016 I'm afraid.

Regards, Andrew.