Windows Virtual Desktop, Hybrid AD Join and Intune Management

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Hi All,


Has anyone managed to get a Windows 10 Enterprise Image (not multi-session), that has been hybrid Azure AD joined managed by Intune? The WVD set up would be using personal host pools.


I am planning on setting this up to test the process but am unable to find any MS documentation on this as to whether its supported or not.


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#BUMP. I'm interested in this too.



Year late and a Dollar short. 


You can add them to intune now out of the box. 


Issues I have run into though


WVD will say your account isn't setup to access this PC. 


The Error I was getting was similar to an MFA error. I excluded VM Auth from my MFA policy but that didn't help. Sign in method not allowed. I used this site The case of the... The Sign-in method you're using isn't allowed - Cloudbrothers


What I did next was go to Microsoft White Papers and the Following fixed it.


Go into IAM of that Virtual > Add Role Assignment > Virtual Machine User login or Admin Login your choice > Add user or group



Once done there the user should now be able to sign into the Intune Joined Machine you created.