Windows Virtual Desktop Experience Estimator


The Windows Virtual Desktop Experience Estimator is now live! Use the estimation tool to view the round trip time your end users would experience with Windows Virtual Desktop. The tool uses the location of the device used to access it to determine round trip times to each Azure region via the Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure.

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@dhavalg - I am based in Australia and when I use the tool, it says East US 2 is the closest region? How is that possible when Microsoft has 4 regions in Australia??

Also the round trip is over 200ms!


Is it because Microsoft stats "Windows Virtual Desktop comprises the Windows desktops and apps you deliver to users and the management solution, which is hosted as a service on Azure by Microsoft. Desktops and apps can be deployed on virtual machines (VMs) in any Azure region, and the management solution and data for these VMs will reside in the United States (US East 2 region). This may result in data transfer to the United States." 

Something needs to get done ASAP

Aussies are getting left out. See other threads also.

@roshanny - Microsoft has regions in which you can deploy VMs all over the world. However, connecting to these VMs with Windows Virtual Desktop requires using the Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure, which is not in every region. You will experience the lowest round trip times if your VMs are co-located with the WVD infrastructure, which is not necessarily in the Azure region that is closest to your device's physical location.

oh! I think this is the reason why I see UK RTT is lesser when i open the tool from Mumbai where West India should be having less latency.


As it connects with other service of virtual desktop like connection broker or gateway and then to the region of the session host. it is cumulative RTT of the VDI infra + Azure Region where the session host pools.


Min Latency from Bangalore, India is 250ms!!!

Isn't that a lousy architecture? Why is the mgmt not in every region?

@Aquib Qureshi - that's correct.

We have just deployed this service at Santos Ltd and will look at dropping it if a gateway is not set up for Australia as the response times are just too slow remoting into the machine outside of RDS (e.g. using RDP we have great performance but it's not practical) @dhavalg 

@Peter Campbell Agreed. We are doing RDP for now just to build the environment. We've put off too many projects waiting for WVD to go GA that we can't hold off anymore. Citrix is a great paring for now but additional cost. 

Massively disappointing but hopefully soon!

I was told by a WVD Specialist to use Citrix cloud too .....

It's cheaper to use our own on-prem Citrix farm We are only looking at this as its cheaper but paying for Citrix licensing negates the cost-saving on the multi-session Windows license and user CAL licenses...


If I took that to my management team they would laugh!

@Paul Maranzano 

@Peter Campbell @Paul Maranzano @roshanny : Just confirming what's been highlighted in most of the discussions, we are continuing to expand these service instances to reduce latency. We are definitely hearing lots of interest both in Australia and Southeast Asia, so we're working on expanding there. We should have more information for you in the next few weeks.

@Christian_Montoya How can you claim the product is in full release when there are heaps of regions that have not been setup...Surely you should be standing up RDS infrastructure in all regions where Azure infrastructure is already based...


Not a fan of people patting themselves on the back for a job well done when it was a job half done.

@Peter Campbell : The service itself is globally available and VMs in any commercial Azure region can register with the service. We definitely understand that latency is lower when there is not a local service instance, and that is something we are working on. We are taking customer usage into account in terms of continued rollouts, and Australia is definitely top of mind.


In the meantime, later this month, you should see reduced latency as a service instance will be rolling out to Japan.

To add to Christians answer you can review our roadmap here: for additional information.

@Eva Seydl  That's interesting the roadmap makes no mention of Australia.

But according to Premier support, it should be Q1 2020


Preimer case number is REG:119102423000138


Freek (Microsoft MVP) mentions the same thing 


Where is the consistency here?

@Peter Campbell : Yes, Australia is one of the few next geographies we are targeting and are working to display officially in our roadmap. We're working out the creases of these new processes since we GA, but we'll have that updated soon.

@Peter Campbell: We are working on technical issues on the roadmap but it should show up shortly. Australia is currently in staged rollout for validation host pools. Once the roll-out is completed additional messaging will be done in this forum.

US West 2 and US West 3 are also missing. We can deploy to them, but can't show clients what the experience would be like. :(


Hi all.

Does anyone know why this tool is not working anymore?

The old link leads to "Analyze connection quality in Azure Virtual Desktop".