Windows cannot start the remote app program

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I have a user who belongs to both virtual desktop and virtual apps group. the issue is when the user login to Virtual Desktop and logout , and then try to use the Virtual apps he is getting attached error message. the only way to fix this is to restart session hosts(which is not practical when others are using).

Any idea why this is happening? 




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@premson_baby  Have you checked this registry setting?? That is the setting which normally causes that behaviour. 


HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\TSAppAllowList

Find the key “fDisabledAllowList”

It will be set to “0”

Change to “1”.


Maybe you have a policy setting which is controlling it???

@Neil McLoughlin 


Thanks' for your response, I will check with client and update.


But I wonder if the restart of the session VM's fixing the issue then, it's not an issue in the client side, it should be an issue in the WVD session host's side, like some sort of session locking for the user? 

Such as only one session is allowed for a user, and the session lock is not releasing on time?

Also I am using fslogix, and Azure storage file share for user session management. 


Following are my fslogix registry settings.




Session hosts OS is windows server 2019.



Same issue here, TSAppAllowList not getting updated until reboot of the host.

I was having this issue as well when users were using both remote apps and a full desktop. It indeed appears to be related to sessions being left open, most likely because users click on the X to close the remote apps. I've created group policy that closes any disconnected sessions within 5 minutes and set the RemoteAppLogoffTimelimit to 0. This seems to have cleared everything up, no problems in about 6 months.

@Kevin Taylor Thanks, I will try (as a test). Logging off is now set on 1 hour because the initial login with FSLogix (Cloud Cache) takes quite some time. I will keep you updated if this works.