Windows 10 multi-session working without AVD

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I need to implement a jump station and my question is if I can do it using a Windows 10 multi-session virtual machine. I only need 5 users to connect to this jump station and I think AVD is too big for them. So I thought about deploying a new Windows 10 multi-session virtual machine instead of deploying the calssical solution of a Windows server with the RDP Host role and buying the corresponding CALs.



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Hi @_JGM_, putting any licensing considerations to one side for a moment from your description it sounds like you'd probably be having your customer RDP to this machine - do you have a private tunnel into Azure set up for your customers or were you intending on opening up the public RDP port for them to access on?


I only mention this because this would not be a secure solution and would be highly recommended against; if you've only the need for the single VM and the customer is happy using a browser-based RDP solution, Bastion would be a secure method of providing the access to the VM. However there are costs involved with this and at that point it might be worth revisiting AVD.