What's new in Windows Virtual Desktop for September.


We have just updated our What's new in Windows Virtual Desktop document for changes made to the service in September.


Please bookmark: aka.ms/WVDWhatsNew, as the authoritative site for all changes, as well as the official road map at aka.ms/WVDRoadmap which has been updated with recent Ignite announcements.


  • We've optimized performance by reducing connection latency in the following Azure geographies:
    • Germany
    • South Africa (for validation environments only)
  • We released version 1.2.1364 of the Windows Desktop client for Windows Virtual Desktop. In this update, we made the following changes:
    • Fixed an issue where single sign-on (SSO) didn't work on Windows 7.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the client to disconnect when a user who enabled media optimization for Teams tried to call or join a Teams meeting while another app had an audio stream open in exclusive mode.
    • Fixed an issue where Teams didn't enumerate audio or video devices when media optimization for Teams was enabled.
    • Added a "Need help with settings?" link to the desktop settings page.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Subscribe" button that happened when using high-contrast dark themes.
  • Thanks to the tremendous help from our users, we've fixed two critical issues for the Microsoft Store Remote Desktop client. We'll continue to review feedback and fix issues as we broaden our phased release of the client to more users worldwide.
  • We've added a new feature that lets you change VM location, image, resource group, prefix name, network config as part of the workflow for adding a VM to your deployment in the Azure portal.
  • IT Pros can now manage hybrid Azure Active Directory-joined Windows 10 Enterprise VMs using Microsoft Endpoint Manager. To learn more, see our blog post.
2 Replies
Any timeline on availability of host pools in UK South?

@tom-2040 You can deploy host pools today in UK South - in fact you have always been able to. The host pools can be located in any available Azure region - there are no limitations to that. The WVD gateway service through which the RDP traffic flows to get to the host pool VM's in not available in every single Azure region, however the UK geography is one of those that is covered. So effectively you are good to go and deloy in the UK today.
The only other service that currently has geographical limitations is the metadata service, however that is shortly coming to the EU and other geo's will follow further down the line. Keep an eye on the WVD roadmap at aka.ms/wvdroadmap