Website Not Loading in AVD

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I have a few websites that users of AVD cannot see. They are banking sites, real estate sites, things having to do with the mortgage industry. 


Now for the users who are on actual desktop PC's, the sites load fine, so it's not a firewall or AV issue. I don't have any other restrictions in place as far as I know, yet the issue persists. There's something in Azure preventing these sites from loading, and I need to know how to allow them. 


I have had people say it's DNS resolution, but since desktop users get the site, I don't believe that's the case. Sometimes users get a 403 error. It's definitely something within Azure, any help would be appreciated.

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Check Microsoft Defender for Cloud or Microsoft Defender portal. You might check if there are any filtering setup to block websites.


Any difference between desktop and AVD in terms of EndPoint? 

Seems it's layer 7 return, any AG within AVD network?

Hi ckowalski66,

Please contant Azure support: they can run advanced diagnostics in the backend.


Can you also check if you can access the websites from another server in the same Vnet?

If the issue can't be resolved, moving resources to a new Vnet can be the solution. Last year, I had a customer with packet loss between session hosts and a specific IP address. Azure support could not help. I created a new Vnet, moved the resources and the issues were gone.

I have the same issue with some of the website mostly the techradarto is not load ,