Web Monitoring Tool AVD with Edge

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Does somebody know a web monitoring tool in AVD?
I want to implement a limitation on using of social media website like Instagram, FB and also streaming sites like netflix.com, Disney plus, etc... on Azure Virtual Desktop.


People are complaining some slowness on the Virtual Desktop and i want to track their web activities. So, i can finetune and block those websites, so i have more CPU, memory and bandwidth for only business use.


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to keep everything in the microsoft space you could onboard the AVD Clients to Defender for Endpoint. With the integration feature with defender for cloud apps you can see who access which cloud application (Netflix, Disney+, Dropbox,...) and block access to them.

You would need the Security E5 / Microsoft 365 E5 for every user OR you onboard all servers through defender for cloud (should be the cheaper way).


@ITCE_Steven You can use a web proxy of some sorts.. Have an allowed and deny list of websites/URLs. Push the proxy file via CSP or GPO.


If you are willing to explore Defender for Endpoints, then you can also follow what @juKue recommended.