Virtual desktop is skewed across dual monitors

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We are having an issue with staff that have two, identical monitors. When they log into AVD, instead of the desktop utilizing 100% of both monitors, the vdesktop is sized for a single monitor, but it is then offset by about an inch, and stretches into the second monitor.  (Imagine a physical photograph that is laid across two picture frames.)  The workaround is to "disconnect" from the AVD session (not sign out) and then reconnect to the session. Upon doing so, the desktop will correctly fill both monitors. 


Is anyone else having this issue? If so, any fixes?

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I'm seeing the same behavior. Tried the latest Windows client, made the pool a "validation pool" and still see it. I've also see (I assume similar bugs) issues with the primary display being "stuck" on being black or a windows loading screen while my other monitors look fine. The mouse will even change if I mouse over something "hidden" on that main monitor.


We have the RDP set to use "all monitors" and "smart size" if you were to go to windowed mode. If you see the monitor skewed or have the other issue I mentioned I've found the work around is to double click the blue bar at the top to switch to "Windowed mode" then return it to full screen.

Same issue here and still not able to fix it :(