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We have an Azure Virtual Desktop pool set for Pooled with Max Session limit of 1 (90 desktops) and end users are using the Browser method (Edge) to login, and are kicking each other off. It's similar to if the RDP app is used, which I've verified its not. We have several smaller pools around 25-30 users and I've never seen this before.


Has anyone come across this or have any suggestions? I've done screen shares and verified the above information, at a bit of a loss.



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when you check systeminformatio > OS.. it must be multi session host...

I had that behavior when windows got a new key and then it changed to enterprise

It sounds like the issue is related to the max session limit of 1, and windows version is not multi session, When multiple users are trying to log in to the same pool simultaneously, the earlier sessions are being disconnected, which results in the end users being kicked off.

To resolve this issue, you can consider increasing the max session limit, and change the load balancing algorithm to breadth-first, and change the windows version to multi session, By increasing the limit, you will allow multiple users to log in to the pool simultaneously, and each user will have their own session on the same host unless you need each user to utilize detected host.

Thanks for the reply. So even though we want to do single user, you're saying to use a multi session host?

Thanks for the input.

We need each user to have their own host in the pool. We tried to do multi-user pools but the app doesn't run well. If we put more than 1 user on a host, the first one on takes up most of the resources. We might be able to get that to work with a much more powerful host, but the cost alone will prevent it at scale so we are stuck with 1 to 1.

We also can't do the single user assigned as we have more users than desktops and the project finances won't allow for that many. It's a global app so we have 90 desktops and 120+ users, but we can't go with assigned as they use them during different times geographically.
then you need to create "personal" pools and you need to assignt User to Host..

if you use "pooled" pool then you must use multisession host and I think it must work with Limit to 1 session