Updates to the Azure Pricing Calculator for Azure Virtual Desktop



Pricing estimates are now available for less than 100 and more than 9999 users.


We’ve heard your feedback that the calculator should support larger and smaller use cases that better match your scenarios. We updated the calculator to take the OS size into consideration so session host VM cost estimates more closely match the performance expectations you have for your Azure Virtual Desktop deployments, no matter their size.


Session host storage and networking charges can now be estimated along with their compute charges within the same calculator module.


Previously, customers had to add separate storage and networking modules to estimate these two session host charges. For your convenience, we’ve added simplified versions of these inputs to the Azure Virtual Desktop module so you can consolidate your session host estimations for simple scenarios. If you still need extra configuration options, you can append additional modules to your estimation as needed.


Per user cost estimations are now available for session host related compute, storage, and networking charges.


We’ve also heard that you want a more transparent way to gauge the impact of fluctuation costs based on Azure resource consumption through AVD session hosts. This information can help you ballpark estimate per user monthly costs based on your anticipated usage.


Other updates we’ve added include:

  • Additional text support with information bubbles in each section to provide further clarity


Try it out:

  1. In the Azure Pricing Calculator, select the Compute tab to show all the compute module options.

  2. Select the Azure Virtual Desktop module. An instance of the module should appear below.

  3. Enter the values for your deployment into the fields to estimate your monthly Azure bill based on your expected session host compute, storage, and networking usage.


Let us know what you think! Your feedback will help us prioritize future investments in this space.






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This is very useful and works great. Cannot fault it. Many thanks for the update.