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Hello everyone,


hope someone can help me. Actually I have an issue, that I cannot automatically enable the setting "Update the resolution on resize" in Remote Desktop App on Windows.

Only when I disable the default settings it is automatically activated and works. Can someone tell me if I miss something?

Setting in Remote Desktop App when disabling default settings:



And settings for my HostPool:



As far as I get the documentation (Get started with the Windows Desktop client | Microsoft Docs) for this part I just have to set to "Single Display":



Hopefully someone can help me out.


Thanks in advance and best regards

Andreas Rogge

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You need to change the smart size on hostpool as this over rules client settings

@StevenR: Thanks for your reply. Could you please specify a bit more what you mean? Smart sizing is disabled in Host Pool RDP settings. Please see the screenshot:



Is this what you mean?


Thanks in advance.

yea the hostpool setting shown in your reply overrides all client settings so this needs enabling and then the client options that you are changing (the remote dekstop app) will take effect.
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@StevenR: Hi, thanks but Smart sizing had to be disabled in my case because I just wanted Resolution update on resize. The fix in my case was to disable "Dynamic resolution", press "Save", enable "Dynamic resolution" and press Save. After I did this this setting was now enabled by default for my client:


Thanks and best regards

@AndreasR unfortunately this setting seems to be gone in windows 11