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Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist with this.


We have an Azure Virtual Desktop user that claims to have to wait more than a minute to log in to AVD. I've been reading through the documentation for Azure Monitor and AVD insights and I have found the time to connect under AVD > Insights > Users > Time to connect. 


I would like to understand the time shown in the workbook and how it is calculated. For example, I logged into AVD with my account. In the workbook, my time to connect is 12 seconds.


I had started a stopwatch when I started the AVD connection. The time from double-clicking on the connection to a desktop being visible was about 39 seconds. The time from submitting my password was 29 seconds. In the attempt and timestamp data, the time from the first checkpoint to the last checkpoint is 25 seconds. How did insights arrive at the 12 seconds calculation?


What I've read so far:

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