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Hi all. 


Does anyone have more information on TenantGroups? Not much in documentation on this yet. The way I understood the Ignite-talks, as a CSP, should be able to create a "central" tenant group and have our customers' rds-tenants members of this tenant group - offering the CSP easier management of customer rds-tenants. 


I've tried creating a new tenant group, other than "Default Tenant Group", but seems I'm not allowed regardless of what I do. "User is not authorized to query the management service."


Firstly, have I correctly understood how tenantgroups are supposed to work? If so, anyone gotten it to work?


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Knut Thomas Lien

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@knutthomaslien : You have the understanding down correctly, and you are also correct in that we do not have much documentation on it yet. Currently, tenant group creation is a heavy manual process so we're trying to organize the best way to proceed before updating documentation. We'll try to have some updated content soon!

Any update on this?