Teams for AVD

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Hi all,


I just set up an AVD project for a customer with FSLogix and Teams Media Optimization AVD installed and configured on the custom Windows 10 Enterprise multisession image.


Unfortunately, Teams has an issue when using Webcam on a video call. The device webcam is well recognized and used but freezes after 2s of video call. Otherwise I can see the other user webcam without any issues.


If I disable and enable the webcam again during the video call, or change the webcam device, the Remote Desktop Client crash and I need to reconnect again. It’s very strange.


Does anyone can help me to solve this issue please? Thanks 

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I would check if all apps and Windows is uptodate... then I would try without FSLogix, tehn without optimisation....
Hi and thanks for your message. Issue is solved after reconfigured FSLogix but now OneDrive won’t start… strange