Session Host Update Error

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After adding a domain joined Azure VM to my host pool by installing the RD Agent I'm seeing it give errors on upgrading:


SessionHostName    :

TenantName         : Windstream Communications
TenantGroupName    : Default Tenant Group
HostPoolName       : ACE-Win10-MultiSession-HP
AllowNewSession    : True
Sessions           : 0
LastHeartBeat      : 
AgentVersion       : 1.0.407.0
AssignedUser       : 
OsVersion          : 
SxSStackVersion    : 
Status             : UpgradeFailed
UpdateState        : Failed
LastUpdateTime     : 4/24/2019 4:16:47 PM
UpdateErrorMessage : UpdateGenevaAsync - Health Check Failed: 
                     Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.InstallationHealthCheckFailedException: PerformBasicMonitoringHealthCheck - 
                     no monitoring environment present in registry
                        at Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.BasicMonitoringAgentValidation.PerformBasicMonitoringHealthCheck() in 
                     C:\agent\_work\1\s\src\RDAgent\src\Service\AgentUpdateClasses\MonitoringAgentServices.cs:line 39
                        at Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.GenevaServices.PerformGenevaHealthCheck() in 
                     C:\agent\_work\1\s\src\RDAgent\src\Service\AgentUpdateClasses\GenevaServices.cs:line 33
                        at Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.RDAgentUpdateHandler.<UpdateGenevaAsync>d__57.MoveNext() in 
                     C:\agent\_work\1\s\src\RDAgent\src\Service\AgentUpdateClasses\RDAgentUpdateHandler.cs:line 608 - holding for 5  minutes
Any troubleshooting tips on what "no monitoring environment present in registry" might be referencing? SxS script was already ran as well, but I don't believe the two are related. I did try reinstalling the agent MSI and making sure I was running it as Administrator.
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@ScriptingJAK : Did you end up resolving this? Or attempt creating a new host pool recently through the Azure Marketplace / ARM templates?

@Christian_Montoya : 

Sadly wasn't able to get it working, but haven't seen this particular error again. Completely removed the RDS App Group and Host Pool. Started from the ground up, but second go around the VM never even appeared as a Session Host at all. Left a comment over on stating that the installers listed aren't the same version as what is pushed in the DSC from the ARM template, but doesn't look like they've been updated.


Have a case with my company's Microsoft TAM on the DSC in the New Host Pool Resource failing to download, but looks like I may just have to wait for that to get resolved because I can not get the manual steps to work.

@ScriptingJAK : Hmm...if all of the steps go through, then the only reason the VMs wouldn't show up is if there's name collisions, in which case the service doesn't automatically overwrite the session hosts that are already in the database.


To address your first comment, the DSC is now updated to match the published version from the docs, but I understand how the mismatch would be confusing. Hopefully you're able to resolve the issues in your environment and continue testing.

@Christian_Montoya :

Have they been updated? Ran the New Host Pool resource yesterday and the RD Agent it tried pulling down to install from is labeled "Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Instaler-x64-" while if I click the download link from the manual instructions page I linked earlier it takes me to and pulls down "Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Installer-x64-"

@ScriptingJAK : There's been a hiccup in publishing, so we're trying to get the Azure Marketplace updated today/tomorrow.

@Christian_Montoya Sounds great. Thank you!