Seem to have bad latency even if selecting closest region

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I am busy testing Azure Windows Virtual Desktop. (WVD). Our office is based in Johannesburg. 

We did setup the test WVD hostpool and remote app pool selecting South Africa North as the region.


Testing the latency using;

We get around 30-50ms to South Africa North.


However when typing on the Virtual Desktop or Remote App. We used WordPad as the test.

The latency when typing is very slow.


Its almost as if the traffic is getting routed somewhere else before South Africa when using Windows Virtual Desktop.


How do we check this?

How do we improve the performance?




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Can any one help?

@David Brophy 


Hi David 


This is strange, i am based in South Africa. Also our region we built the test WVD is in South Africa North.


When i look at the Experience Estimator, it shows both South Africa regions as some of the worst. 

How could this be? 


Kind Regards

@desk22 I don't know enough about the back end of it but I believe it's based on Azure Traffic Manager, see documentation here:

I'm based near the North Europe datacenter and until recently West Europe was showing as the lowest latency for me but now North EU is showing as lowest as I would expect. I haven't changed my DNS so I assume either my DNS provider has made a change or Microsoft have made some change.