Scanning in WVD

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Scanning is a total PITA with WVD and is going to likely be what stops us from being able to move to it. On its own WVD is incapable of pushing a high-end scanner up that is connected to the local machine, and these are no slouch scanners, these are Fujitsu 7180s and 7130s. I've tried other scanners too from Ambir and HP and they work even less so (and yes the settings are correct on our Pool), other USB devices work fine.

I got TSScan and a Silex DS-600 to try and they remedy the situation, sort of. The issue is all the name brand scanning software that has OCR and Batch scanning, barcode reading etc which is needed for the Finacial sector all require the scanner to be "connected" to the local machine which isn't an option with WVD. NAPSv2 is the only program I've tested and works but it lacks all features need, such as basic page counts... ScandAllPro, Kodak, PaperStream Capture, PaperScan all require the unit to be "connected" to the machine for it to work.... Now I can say "yes" I suppose this is a software issue and not a WVD issue but let's be honest here, if all of them require it, then that needs to be evaluated on some end and I'm sure there are other pieces of hardware that have the same issue and aren't usable because of this "local" limitation. There has to be some way for WVD to mimic that connection.


We're going to have to fold up our WVD aspirations because of this which is really unfortunate. Going to have to buy new hardware and be handcuffed to it for 3 years before ever trying this again.

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