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Is there a way to retrieve the client ip of each WVD session?

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@danroth: When you refer to the client IP do you refer to user devices which users are connecting with? This is not available today.

@Eva Seydl Hi Eva,

I'm guessing this means we also cannot retrieve the Client Name of the device that users are connecting with? We have a scenario where we are trying to see who is connecting to the system with a non-standard device, and having a list of Client Names connecting to the system would make this very easy as we could find the non-standard PC names quickly.

Is there anyway we could retrieve the Client Name of connected PC's from the WVD system?

To use this command, go to Start Menu, Run..., type cmd and click Ok. After clicking Ok, a command window will appear. Type ipconfig and press [Enter] to display the computer's network information. The ipconfig command will list the IP address for each network adapter that is installed on the computer.
Hi, is there any progress on retrieving the IP address of the thin client? Thank you