Rename WVD Workspace

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I'm using the new Spring 2020 method for deploying RemoteApps etc.  While following the setup documentation guide I wasn't aware that what I called my workspace effectively becvomes the title for the group within the WVD client program as well as presumably the folderon the start menu.  Is there any facility to rename a workspace (I currently have it named somethingless obvious to the end user) without having to create a new workspace and add in all the published remoteapps again?

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You can update the Friendly name property. The WVD client will show the friendly name. In the portal, select workspace->Properties.
Superb! Thank you, so much easier than I was expecting, no PowerShell required. Thank you.
Great! Powershell is also available for this setting. Currently there is an issue with the powershell Update-AzWvdWorkspace -FriendlyName which will block WVD clients from receiving feed, we are working on the fix. Please use the portal for now.