Removing Outlook App from Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops

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Morning all,


Just enquiring about a recommended approach for removing the Outlook App (part of M365 package) from a Windows 10 Ent Marketplace Image for Virtual Desktops.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Phil,

You can uninstall the Office apps from the control panel.

Hi Mathieu,

So currently, there is no way out there to uninstall individual Office 365 apps installed from outside the Windows Store (part of a marketplace deploy).  We are also not currently managing a master image for AVD in our environment, therefore would be looking for an automated method to achieve the uninstall of just the Outlook App across the Session Host VM's in the host pool.


Hi Phil,


For the uninstall of individual Office Desktop apps, you can use the Office Deployment tool. The custom XML can be generated with the Office Customization Tool.


Use the ExcludedApps element to select the individual apps you want to have removed.


The uninstall can be scripted.

Do you currently utilize an image that includes preinstalled O365? Alternatively, would it be more beneficial to create a standard multisession image and manually install O365, utilizing exclusion ID?
Quck question, can you uninstall preinstalled O365 version and re-install using deployment tool. I have a client that needs to use 32 bit version of Office. I'm using a single host / multisession.



Try GPO or some script to:


Get-AppxPackage *outlook* | Remove-AppxPackage

@Richard Brown Certainly, we have the option to reinstall using our custom package. For multi-session OS, ensure the shared license option is enabled. Another option is to access Windows 10/11 + Office 365 apps or standard Windows 10/11 images in the marketplace. If opting for the standard version without Office 365 preinstalled, we can proceed with the direct installation.