RemoteApps (windows virtual Desktops)

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I've set up Windows virtual desktops on a dev instance of azure. I've managed to get everything working as expected including

- Connecting to a virtual desktop using both Remote Desktops and the HTML5 client

- Publishing O365 apps and launching from my W10 Start Menu (Webfeed) and the HTML5 client


Ive used the follow set up

- Trial Azure tenant

- Azure ADDS

- M365 E3 trial license

- Windows 10 Multisession Image for the Windows Virtual desktop


When launching the O365 apps and saving a document the local C & D drives of theWVD Azure VM are visible. Does anyone have a recommended solution as to how to hide these. Would it be a case of creating a local security policy on the Windows virtual desktop?



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You can set up a Local Group Policy or use the Registry Editor


Both will achieve the same thing


Run gpedit.msc to edit the policy via the registry.






Thanks. That was my initial thought. However, if you have multiple vm's created for the windows virtual desktop sessions, would this setting only be set on the vm you connect to through the new remote desktop client.

The management of the vm's from an administrative perspective seems unclear.