RemoteApp WVD Multiple Monitors - Window Placement

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When launching a RemoteApp from a Windows client machine with multiple monitors, the applications always open on the same monitor.  If you move the app to another monitor, shutdown and re-launch, they always open back up on the same monitor and you have to move them and then resize, etc. 


Are there settings to control/modify this behavior?

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what is the WVD client and version are you using? Also what is the remoteapp that has this issue? Can you try other remoteapps to see if you can reproduce the issue?
I tried with a few office remote apps , Excel, Word, powerpoint. I am not able to reproduce your issue.

@Soo Kuan Teo I am running Version 1.2.1446.0 (x64) of Windows client.

It does not happen with all applications.  It does seem to be related to older apps (VB6 for example).  But these apps need to be supported and work OK in a Citrix environment.  We are trying to see if we can replace with WVD instead.  This would be a non-starter if we cannot get this to work as expected.