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Having an issue when logging to the Remote Desktop Web Client that I can only see one pool available. Originally, I created a Windows Virtual Desktop pool via PowerShell before Windows Virtual Desktop publicly released their GUI in Azure. This is what is showing up in my RD Web Client.


I created a new pool via the Azure GUI for Windows Virtual Desktop and it does not show up in my RD Web Client but it does show up in my RD Desktop Client correctly. Looking through PowerShell commands, I cannot see how to update the Web Client side, which would be useful for certain scenarios. 


I have attached two screenshots for reference.




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Can you please make sure the URL you used for both the RD Desktop Client and RD Web Client are identical? On RD Desktop Client, you can view the url by clicking the feed's title right most "...", then detail.

@Soo Kuan Teo 


There is no place to enter a URL when using the new RD client app from Microsoft. You would sign into the RD client application with your Microsoft 365 work account and then those items would dynamically load automatically for you based on what you were given permission to. The physical RD client works perfectly. It's the web piece that isn't functioning. 


This is the generic URL to login to the web piece for Microsoft 365 and Windows Virtual Desktop web:


I've also attached screenshots, so you can see the URL on both workspaces. 

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@nmartin-msits The URL for Web client is different - all documented here -

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


That was it. Thank you for clarifying that. I did not realize there would be a different URL when creating WVD through the new method.

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