Remote Apps Auto Publish via Remote Desktop App

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I am aiming to publish shortcuts to Remote Apps via the Remote Desktop App

I have on-prem device trying to connect to VMS that are also on-prem joined. 

AADS is synching beautifully.

I have ADFS configured and that makes signing into WVD via web etc to auto accept credentials


  1. When connecting to the remote app
    1. It constantly prompts for a password. I would like it so that the user does not have to enter passwords so many times.
    2. It does not accept Hello credentials. Get the NLA error and only accepts a username & password
  2. I cannot seem to get around having users to click the subscribe button in order for the feeds to populate the published apps

Annotation 2020-06-25 183651.pngAnnotation 2020-06-25 183638.png


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