Registering Win 7 VMs with Windows Virtual Desktop


Registering Win 7 VMs with Windows Virtual Desktop


This post explains how to join sets of VMs running Windows 7 to Windows Virtual Desktop.



The current mechanism for onboarding VWs in Windows Virtual Desktop does not expose an option for leveraging Windows 7.

This script/ARM template offers a mechanism for registering Windows 7 VMs to Windows Virtual Desktop.


To take advantage of this script you must have:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop tenant. More info here.
  • Host pool and registration token for it. More info here.
  • Windows 7 VMs provisioned and domain-joined
  • All Windows 7 VMs must be updated to the latest mandatory and option updates. More info here.
  • RDP8 (KB KB2592687) installed and enabled. More info here.


Provisioning Windows 7 VMs

There are many ways to create VMs in Azure. This article is a good starting point.


Create Windows Virtual Desktop tenant        

This article covers all the steps needed to create a Windows Virtual Desktop tenant.


Create host pool

This article explains how to create a host pool and registration token.


Running the script/ARM template        

Follow the steps here below run the script/ARM template.

  1. Navigate to the GitHub repository here.
  2. Click Deploy to Azure
  3. (optional) Sign in to the Azure portal if prompted
  4. This will open Custom Deployment blade
  5. Resource group – populate with the resource group where the Windows 7 VMs are provisioned
  6. Registration Token – the input here needs to be the registration token for the host pool that has been created.
  7. VM Name – comma-separated list of all Windows 7 VMs to be registered with Windows Virtual Desktop
  8. Check I agree to the terms and conditions stated above
  9. Click Purchase



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