RDP Shortpath for managed networks is generally available!


Another day, another release! Today I'm thrilled to announce that RDP Shortpath for managed networks is now generally available. 

This feature enables the client and session host to establish a direct and secure connection using a high-performant and reliable UDP-based transport.


Key benefits of Shortpath for managed networks are:

  • Reliability - RDP Shortpath transport uses highly efficient Universal Rate Control Protocol (URCP). URCP dynamically learns about network parameters and uses RDP-specific congestion control. URCP adds an enhanced error correction and flow control that is designed for networks that are known to experience sporadic and temporary losses, such as wireless networks or wide area networks with dynamic routing. 
  • Performance- URCP operates at low delay and loss levels as needed by Remote Desktop. URCP achieves the best performance by dynamically learning network parameters and providing protocol with a rate control mechanism.
  • RDP Shortpath establishes the direct connectivity between Remote Desktop client and Session Host. Direct connectivity reduces the dependency on the gateways, improves the connection's reliability, and increases the bandwidth available for each user session.
  • The removal of additional relay reduces the round-trip time, which improves user experience with latency-sensitive applications and input methods.
  • RDP Shortpath brings support for configuring Quality of Service (QoS) priority for RDP connections through a Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) marks
  • RDP Shortpath transport allows limiting outbound network traffic by specifying a throttle rate for each session.

This release is part in a series of RDP transport improvements. Stay tuned for more previews and releases coming soon!

Next steps

Learn more in the networking section of Azure Virtual Desktop documentation :

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4 Replies
Does RDP Shortpath work with Agent version: 1.0.3855.1400? It stopped working for us after agent was updated from 1.0.3719.1700 to 1.0.3855.1400.
Does anyone have any expirience with this and is it worth the effort? Typically we are using AVD for smallish clients 60 users and below. What kinds of special networking connections do you need to allow for this technology?
Still not working, I have a ticket open with MS. When it's working it's helpful for users with poor internet connections. We've deployed it with a couple of site-to-site VPN's and are giving out point-to-site VPN to specific users who experience frequent disconnects or where the remoteapp simply vanishes. You need an Azure VPN gateway and a some VPN client either hardware or software.
I did more investigating, Shortpath appears to be working but not logging correctly in Azure Log Analytics. The WVDConnections table has a column called UdpUse which previously had a value of 1 if using Shortpath. Now it shows 0 for everyone even if using Shortpath. We only use RemoteApp so I was using the logs to determine if Shortpath was being used. I enabled a full Desktop and can see in the connection details that it's using UDP protocol. Good news ,it works bad news, there's a bug in the way it's logging.