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Any update on being able to publish an app in WVD using a UNC Path for the filepath?  I was using it in RDS using the PS cmds but the new PS cmdlets update-azwvdapplication does not seem to support the UNC filepath.  Just checking.  I might be able to install the app locally but it sure would simplify things for this app if I could use the UNC path.

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@Chrisvanaz Thank you for your feedback, UNC path currently is not supported for publishing remote app. Your feedback is added to our feature request list.


@Soo Kuan Teo 


I'm extremely surprised that this is not already available.  Can you provide some kind of timeline or roadmap data?  We use this feature in our Citrix environment and this might be a road block for us to move to WVD.

@Chrisvanaz , hopefully I'm able to help you out. Are you trying to publish the executable from UNC path? For example, an executable from an application server? I have a similar setup for my customers, the only difference here is that we've managed to run the application from UNC path based on a shortcut.
1.Create a folder (example c:\program files\shortcutapps\ )on your WVD session host, or put this folder and files in the image
2.) create a shortcut, target path pointing to your application/executable 
3.) Put the shortcut (.lnk file) in the c:\program files\shortcutapps folder.
4.) Create an application group, add the application, select file path instead of start menu, application file path c:\program files\shortcutapps\app.lnk
I have tested it many times, it works. However, running the client native from the WVD session host vm gives way better performance. Keep that in mind!

Good luck!

Has this feature been added as yet or is it coming soon? We want to move to Azure Virtual Desktop from our Citrix environment but need to be able to publish remote apps from UNC paths.
In WVD you can just create a shortcut and publish that as an app

@Chrisvanaz I have done that for most of the apps, however one just isn't working this way and it is a critical business app. It should work with UNC paths and I'm sure it will eventually but just wondered if there was a timeline for this.