Promotional pricing ends April 1, 2022 for Azure Virtual Desktop’s per-user access pricing


This is a reminder to customers enrolled in per-user access pricing that the promotional period ends April 1, 2022. Starting in April, enrolled subscriptions will incur full charges for each unique user who connects to host pools within those subscriptions, according to the behavior described in our documentation and the prices described on Azure Virtual Desktop pricing.


Subscriptions not enrolled in per-user access pricing (most customers) are unaffected by this change and will see no new charges.


Am I affected by the end of this promotional period?


Only customers who have explicitly enrolled Azure subscriptions into per-user access pricing, and who have deployed host pools within those enrolled subscriptions, will be affected by the start of full pricing.


Enrollment in per-user access pricing is required only for those customers selling Azure Virtual Desktop streams commercially to external users. In contrast, customers using M365 licensing or RDS CALs for their Azure Virtual Desktop user access rights are not eligible for per-user access pricing. To avoid unnecessary charges, these customers should avoid enrolling any subscriptions in per-user access pricing.


How can I tell if my Azure subscription is enrolled in per-user access pricing, and how can I change my enrollment?


You can view and update the enrollment status for Azure subscriptions you control by visiting the Azure Virtual Desktop blade in the Azure portal. For step-by-step instructions, see Enroll your subscription in per-user access pricing.


Where can I find my charges for per-user access pricing?


If you have host pools in a subscription that you’ve enrolled in per-user access pricing, then you will be charged for user connections to those host pools starting on April 1, 2022. To see your charges at the end of a billing cycle, you can download your Azure invoice from the Cin the Azure portal. To see charges as they happen, you can use Azure’s Cost Analysis tools. In both cases, you can identify per-user access pricing charges by finding charges with the service name “Windows Virtual Desktop.” These charges will be associated with the host pool objects in your enrolled subscriptions.


Where can I find more information?


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