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I'm fairly new to Azure and have signed up with a free trial where the 30 days have past so ran out of free credits. I have now changed my subscription to pay as you go.


When creating VMs and choosing the size I'm presented with various options and monthly costs to select. If for example I created the below for training purposes then deleted it after a couple hours or a day later. Would I still be charged the full cost of £79.98 or just a percentage of the monthly cost?


Windows Server 2019 DataCenter - Gen2

Size: DS1_v2: £79.98
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Charged by the hour for compute. If you just stopped the VM, you will be charged for disk storage until you delete all the resources. You can check your cost under cost mgmt blade in the portal(cost for previous days should appear after a few hours).
To ensure you deleted all the resource che k the content of the resource group or better if you can delete the resource group.
Thankyou for confirming :)

VM compute is actually billed per-second.  See for example the Pay as You Go text at the bottom of Pricing - Windows Virtual Machines | Microsoft Azure.