Performance bottlenecks in Azure Virtual Desktop for Heavy Workloads


I have the following Virtual Desktop setup for my organization. However, our end-users feel so laggy user experience very recently. The whole idea is to make sure a better user experience while keeping the running cost low. Could someone please advise if the approach I have is correct or any strategies to optimize the workload? 


- NCasT4_v3-series x 4 instances - 60 users onboard ( 20 user concurrent) - 15 hours


- Configuration is for each VM instance only 6 maximum concurrent users


  • The desktop users are using the following software:
  • AutoDesk AEC Suit - AutoDesk Revit (C)
  • Grasshopper
  • Enscape
  • Office 365
  • Autodesk BIM 360
  • Adobe Cloud Creative Suite
  • Sketchup Pro
  • Teams
  • Zoom


In one year's time, the number of onboarded users will grow up to 250.

The total maximum per-user cost that we can bear is $60 per user per month.


Please advice. Thanks! 



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@Dileepa S.Rajapaksa 



Our team is similarly looking to use AVD to improve our BIM environment while lowering our costs.


I know it has been about a year since this post, but has the environment actually improved with the use of AVD?


If possible, we would like your advice on the configuration of the AVD you used...

@Dileepa S.Rajapaksa 


I dont think AVD is going to be a cost savings center. It allows you to be more dynamic since its a cloud based service, but the cloud will ALWAYS be more expensive than locally hosted hardware. Those programs you have listed look like an engineering firm, where users are very sensitive to performance. It seems like you will need graphic acceleration and lots of memory. Maybe 60 a user works when you  hit the 250 user price point. I'm more interested to hear from others in the field as we dont run any graphically intensive apps in our clientbase.