Hello and greetings from Portugal!


I'm starting with WVD and it's been...a journey! :)

I'm stucked here with an issue that I really can' understand, creating a custom image.



  • Created a custom image (deployed from Azure)
  • Syspreped it with generalize
  • Added the custom image to a shared gallery
  • Created an Host Pool
  • When deploying the custom image I'm getting "OSProvisioningTimedOut" 

Have noooo idea what's happening.

Anyone had something similar?


Best regards,

Diogo Sousa

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@Diogo Sousa I dont have anything helpful to add because I havent used the Shared Image Gallery yet.  But I will be using it with a new Host Pool deployment next week so I'll report back with my experience.


Question though: Have you used the source image outside of the Shared Image Gallery to deploy a host pool as a basic test?

Also, are you deploying your Host Pool into a region that has a replica of your Shared Image?

hi @Diogo Sousa , looks like your sysprep process is broken

try to deploy a standalone VM to narrow down your issue. If you fail with a VM, try to use different SKU like 1909 and deploy image from scratch.  

Hello and greetings from Portugal!

Tks everyone for the replies.
After talking with our TAM, we've decided to open a SR (5 minutes) ago. Let's see what the support say about this.

@Diogo Sousa thanks, keep us posted . Curious to know what is the problem with your deployment. 

Good news! This one is solved!
Because I need to configure Winhttp on my template,

I needed to had an exception to like described on this Microsoft Document:

@Diogo Sousa glad it's been resolved

Cn you please describe step by step what you have actually done ? 

Thanks in advance

So basically, on my template I needed to had a proxy. But when I configured our internal proxy, I didn't had an exception like documented (

So the command was:
netsh winhttp proxy set yourproxy:port exceptions