OS image lifecycle - looking for how-to or best practice guide

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I have a question about the OS image lifecycle. I have read that you can and must customize the master image. For example to install and use another language. Or to provide one application for all. But how does that work exactly? Create an image, change it and use it as a template again. Do I have to download the image for this? Does it work online? And how do I roll out the modified image for everyone? If a user is logged on to the VM at the time of deployment, is he or she forced to log off? Do I always create new session hosts? If so, how do I remove the old ones correctly and completely?

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Hi @Robert K,


I always create an azure vm and use it as Image-Source when creating Hosts.


here you can find an arm-template to update existing hostpool:



your service principal or wvdtenant-admin need permissions in azure to be able to deallocate or to delete hosts.